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Esketamine, which has a brand named “Spravato”, is a newly FDA approved treatment for depression.  Esketamine is the enantiomere (right hand version) of Ketamine, and has been found to be effective in treating treatment-resistant depression. We are excited to offer this treatment option to our patients.

What to Expect

All new patients begin with an initial consultation to meet with one of our doctors for an initial evaluation, including a physical exam and lab work.  The initial series of treatments consists of two treatments per week for four weeks followed by a series of booster treatments beginning with one treatment weekly for the following four weeks.  Each treatment has a required 2.5 hour office visit, during which the patient is monitored closely by our staff of Registered Nurses.  Patients will not be able to drive for 24 hours after receiving treatment.  After the initial series of 8 treatments, patients begin booster treatments on a weekly basis.

Payment and Insurance

MindPeace Clinics are solely focused on patient care, and do not accept insurance at this point in time.  We do, however, provide super bills that will help our patients obtain reimbursement from some insurance providers.  Given the ever changing insurance plans, it is virtually impossible for us to know if your plan will cover this treatment, so we advise all patients to check with their insurance provider to determine how much of this treatment is covered.  It does remain the patient’s responsibility to pay for the cost of each treatment.

Additionally, the Spravato website offers assistance in navigating insurance reimbursement process by providing resources through a program called the Janssen CarePath. You can find out more about that program here.