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Pain Syndromes Treatment in Arlington and Richmond VA

Pain Syndromes Treatment in Arlington
and Richmond VA

  • A typical treatment plan for Chronic Pain Syndromes is a series of increasing doses of ketamine infusions over a 3-5 day schedule. Which is then repeated the following week.
  • Each infusion is anywhere between 4-6 hours each session. More than one series of infusions may be required to achieve adequate remission of symptoms.
  • Every patient responds differently and we work with you to determine a treatment plan that works with your situation. Some patients may do well with a less intensive treatment plan, but Chronic Pain Syndromes require intensive therapy.

How do I get started?

  • Contact us below to schedule your Initial Consultation
  • Under the Forms tab, complete BOTH the new patient form and release of medical information form for your Mental Health Provider and Primary Care Physician.
  • Maintain ongoing, regular contact with both your Primary Care Provider and your primary Mental Health Provider, which may be your psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, counselor, or therapist during and after your series of ketamine infusions. We will be contacting them to confirm your diagnosis.

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